PTI Determinations

‘PTI Determinations’ are based on written, positive law. As such, each carries the intrinsic jurisdiction of those stated laws. PTI Council acts as a peoples jury in establishing that the research was appropriate and complete, and that the resultant Determination is a lawful and enforceable document. Where a final Determination is longer than 1 page, it is summarised in a 1-page format for ease of reference and reproduction. These Determinations are available in PDF format for the free use of the public – to be lawfully served on any other party.

  • GS/001: “The legitimacy of the lawful establishment of the PTI” (1*)
  • GS/002 :”Are Irish judges subject to the law and the Constitution?”
  • GS/003: “Is a judge’s jurisdiction affected if they commit criminal offences?” (1*)
  • GS/004:
  • GS/005:
  • GS/006:
  • GS/007:
  • GS/008:
  • GS/009:
  • GS/010: