PTI Membership Form

The Membership Form is available for download in .pdf format here.

Application for Membership of the Peoples Tribunal of Ireland

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*Declaration: I hereby swear and declare that; (i) the details above are accurate; (ii) that I have read and understood Sections 1–8 of the PTI Handbook (see PTI website); and (iii) that I will respect the PTI Rules and Guidelines. I give my permission for the details on this form to be made available to the PTI Data Control Officer and to the sitting PTI Council, for the exclusive purposes of PTI Operations, and I understand that I may be invited to voluntarily contribute to PTI discussions, opinions, research, investigations, adjudications or operations according to my stated interests, experience and/or qualifications as detailed below.

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Your personal data: The PTI commits to keeping your personal data secure and confidential as per the requirements of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. In providing your personal data on this form you give explicit consent for the PTI to store and use that data for the purposes of providing information and services to you. The PTI will not disclose your data to outside parties and commits to using personal data only for the purposes of PTI membership and services. For the full privacy statement and information as to how we use personal data, please see the PTI website.

You will be contacted by a PTI Officer to confirm your identity. Please allow up to 21 days.